Your Work Is Core To Living Your Best Life.

Every day is an opportunity to elevate our impact, our joy, and our well-being. Will you say YES to living at the intersection of your genius and what lights you up?
You’ve got this. And I’ve got you.

We believe your great work is
your gift to the world,
and your business is part of
your sacred path.
We believe your great work
is more than your purpose. It is the
embodiment of your Inner Authentic.
This is your PURE POTENTIAL.


Meet Laura Juarez

Coach, Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Yogi

I love to learn, read voraciously, squirm during small talk and am “that” person at a party who wants to know how you see the intersection of purpose and passion in your life.

I believe each of us craves to come fully alive by discovering, trusting, and embodying our genius zone; offering the world our amazingness in a way that creates change for good.

Your work is your gift to the world, and your business — your sacred path. Do you sense that your time here is precious and that you have greater potential to fulfill?

If you're wildly committed and passionate about bringing your unique genius to our world while living your best life, let me support you. Humanity needs your unique gifts.

Your hour has arrived.

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Embodied Creativity

Embodied Creativity

January 16, 2020

I sketch a mean stick woman in warrior 2, view the 64 crayon box as my “artist’s kit,” and sing within a single octave with no vocal flexibility.  I can barely coordinate an outfit that doesn’t involve birkenstocks, and my … Read More

Dear Time, Please Forgive Me

Dear Time, Please Forgive Me

January 9, 2020

Time does not wait for us, is not patient with our diversions from true north and will not coddle our failure to stay AWAKE and ALIGNED in our life.  You have exactly the number of moments you need to share … Read More

I intended to go to the gym, but…

I intended to go to the gym, but…

January 5, 2020

If you said this, join the club of well intentioned resolution setters.  Maybe not about the gym but about something relevant in your life. I get it. As one of your fellow earthlings, I also fall prey to the predator … Read More

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