We Believe Your Work Is A Conduit To Creating Positive Change In The World.

What is the highest purpose and original genius of your company and work? Do you believe that profit and purpose can be synergistic?
Every day is a choice to embody that purpose through action.  We believe this is both our opportunity and responsibility.  Will you join the movement of leaders who are choosing holistic & positive impact?
Whether working solo or leading a team, Pure Potential exists to support you on this path.


Meet Laura Juarez

Consultant, Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Yogi

I love new ideas, movement, and nerding out about business. I am “that” person at a party who wants to know how you see the intersection of purpose and passion in your life.

I've led teams, companies, projects, and start-ups for over 25 years, and I'm passionate about helping people come alive through their work and claim their unique genius for the purpose of impact.

Your business is a path to positive impact and significance.

If you're committed and passionate about embodying your personal potential and creating a business that elevates all stakeholders, you've found your home. Our work exists to support you.

Let's Begin.

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