Your Work Is Core To Creating Positive Change In The World.

Every day is an opportunity to embody our potential through our work. This asks us to next level our leadership, commit to a purpose-centric vision, and shine our genius with courage.  Will you say YES to transforming work into impact?
Whether you're working solo or leading a team, Pure Potential exists to support you.

We believe your work is
your path to impact,
and profit and purpose
are synergistic.
We believe your work is more
than your offering. It is the
embodiment of your Inner Authentic.
This is your PURE POTENTIAL.


Meet Laura Juarez

Coach, Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Yogi

I love to learn, read voraciously, squirm during small talk and am “that” person at a party who wants to know how you see the intersection of purpose and passion in your life.

I believe each of us craves to come fully alive by discovering, trusting, and embodying our genius; offering the world our amazingness in a way that creates change for good.

Your work is your gift to the world, and your business a path to positive impact and significance.

If you're committed and passionate about embodying your leadership potential and aligning your business results with the impact you most want to have without sacrificing well-being, let me support you.

Your hour has arrived.

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Your Platform Is Privilege

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A Productivity Hack That Will Make You Giggle

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