You know the benefits of meditation, right? Less stress & reaction; more calm and peace. Yada Yada.

Ok… so a little tongue in cheek, but we know we need more mindfulness in our day, and yet schedules happen, distractions pop up, urgent requests roll in.

It took me A LONG TIME to solidify a meditation practice. It wasn’t until I stopped SHOULDING myself and began to inquire as to what I was truly gaining from the investment of my time that I finally got it.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons I Meditate.

#10: Play With Possibility – Starting with my fave…. Beyond our brain lives infinite wisdom about what’s for our highest good, what’s possible, and maybe even what’s next.

Sometimes we have to STOP THINKING & MOVING to access our brilliance.

#9: Get To Know Yourself –  A gift of meditation is you begin to WITNESS yourself in your native state – no expectations, no roles to play, no shoulds, supposed to’s, or masks. And you are magnificent. Truly worth knowing well.

#8: Practice Loving Kindness – Loving Kindness meditation is the bomb. Here’s how you do it:

  • Take your seat and steady your breath.
  • Allow time to pass until you can feel your body settle and your mind release its grasp.
  • Repeat:

May I be safe and and free from inner and outer harm. May I be happy and contented. May I be healthy and whole. May I experience freedom.  May you be safe and and free from inner and outer harm. May you be happy and contented. May you be healthy and whole. May you experience freedom. (You can insert someone’s name here. I suggest including your loved ones but also someone with whom you are struggling).  May everyone be safe and and free from inner and outer harm. May everyone be happy and contented. May everyone be healthy and whole. May everyone experience freedom.

#7: Change Your State – Most of us are being whipped about by the external. The mood, pace, and energy of others can take us careening out of control or leave us circling the drain.  What if you could stay steady, positive, and non-reactive in the midst of all that is outside of your control?  Meditation is state training. It teaches us to use the moments and space between an STIMULUS and our REACTION so we come from a place of choice, compassion, and courage.

#6: Prove it to yourself.

That you can pause.
That you can break your addiction to DOING.
That you can relax.
That you can be gentle.
That you are worth it.

#5: Take Control Of Your Nervous System – Your nervous system is designed to support you – not run you ragged. And most of us are surviving a derailed, overactive nervous system that is under the illusion that we are not safe and at risk. You cannot, regardless of how hard you work or how long you stay, perform optimally with a tattered nervous system. Meditation is the panacea of health, vitality, and a sense of well being.

#4: Put Life In Perspective – Know that book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff? There’s a reason it’s occupied space in every Christmas stocking ever hung.  The majority of what rattles, distracts, and stresses us could be neatly dropped in the “it won’t matter in a month” category. So why do we give away our power and peace?Meditation allows you to digest your day through breath and your body; a far superior digestion process to brain chomping.

#3: Unplug & Refuel – When your modem begins to act wonky or your laptop freezes, you unplug and restart. When your flashlight no longer illuminates, you recharge the battery.  Why our resistance to offering ourselves the same grace?  I find that meditation midday is more effective than a caffeine jolt and saves me ENDLESS minutes of wasted productivity because I was at 40%.  Give your body & mind what it is designed to need for optimal performance.

#2: Boost Your IQ – Need I say more? There are piles of research on this & if you have or have had a meditation practice, you have life evidence.  When we’re smarter, we make better informed decisions, we contribute more elegantly to outcomes, and we inspire those around us. Plus it’s great fun to have moments of brilliance.

#1: Show Off Your Mindfulness Muscle (At the Dinner Table) – Ok… so not just at the dinner table, but when you’re more mindful, you eat better and less, you make better choices considering the whole, you hold space for others, and you insulate yourself from the external rise and fall.

Calm, Joy, and Connection are your birthright. Don’t give it away.


Happy New Decade! Flash forward 10 years… how old will you be? What might you experience? What do you want more of? How can you support yourself in living your most magnificent life?

These are excellent questions to play with.

If more mindfulness can assist you on your path, I would be delighted to share my wisdom and training on the topic.

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