My brain is like a carnival right now. Lights, pings, distractions, loud noises, movement everywhere.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all being asked to step up in unexpected, unpredictable ways; managing all of our “normal” and all of our “new normal.” And our minds are paying the price.

In this VLOG, I’ll share a 3 minute method to reclaim your focus and create traction. Better results, happier experience, more impact. Yes Please.

When chaos ensues, we have a choice. Will we turn ourselves over to it and fall head first into it or will we hold our center and track towards steady, calm optimization of ourselves and our work?

This video has a companion podcast, Mastering The “New Normal” Working Environment where I share easy to implement tricks and changes you can make to master virtual work and collaboration. You can listen here .

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