It is no wonder that in the flock of geese who have lived together for generations, migrating from here to there, that there is never a mass murderer.

It is no wonder that even the finicky, energetic donkey lives in peace with her family.

It is no wonder that the birds fly and sing in the midst of their arduous efforts.

For they sleep outside, bellies on the earth, nestled against the cool breeze, under the incandescence of the moon. They absorb the earth’s rhythmic gentle rock, feel the land on their bodies, and receive the healing touch of simply looking at the vastness of the sky for long periods of time.

Most animals (and babies) take one last long, slow, complete exhale before they sleep (versus turning off a light or checking their texts). This nightly ritual of connecting physically with the earth is a remembering.

A remembering of where we come from, what sustains us truly, and how peacefully powerful we are as part of the oneness of the universe. This remembering frames their waking hours with the reality that survival does truly depend on our symbiotic relationships. Animals are rooted in that core truth, and then they go about their social business, being who they are with their fellow friends and family.

Do they have squabbles?


Do they harbor insanity within their communities?


What is your reset — the thing that brings you back to your rooted core, back to peace? Please share with me in the comments below.

Peace & Love,