Do you believe you have something totally magical and unique to offer in this lifetime? A contribution you were BORN to have?

I do.

I have never met two people that are exactly the same. I can have the same conversation with 4 or 4,000,000 people, and each dialog will take on its own flavor. Always unique.

expect_othersHere’s what I believe: You are divinely & purposefully created to bring your magic to the world, and that impact is entirely yours. If you say NO to that, that impact is forever lost.

Will you accept the invitation to own that?

You matter in the world. You work matters. The trick to PURPOSE is not finding the ONE JOB we are called to do (you may do many throughout your life) but instead to shine your authentic self in all you do – with courage, with confidence, with clarity.

The question of purpose is not about WHAT you do but WHO YOU ARE in the midst of what you do. When we connect with our work as an expression of our soul everything shifts.

Here’s the rub: This world is crazy LOUD, and we are bombarded with messages about what we SHOULD be doing, acting, pursuing all day every day. From family, friends, society, and from that squeaky most annoying inner voice. It’s so loud that we may not even know who we are at our essence, our truth.

We’ve become what we thought was expected. Ring familiar?

But this work is worth it! And nobody can or will do it for us. We are the only one who can choose to live an inspired life, do work that matters, and say NO to what isn’t aligned with our truth.

If we aren’t willing to be a YES for ourselves, then no one will be a stand for us.

And so are you willing to build the muscle of authenticity? Are you willing to explore what doesn’t feel good in your life and choose well moving forward?

The work we do in the world (job, contributor, parent, partner) is part of our sacred journey. It’s about more than making a living and money. It’s about honoring ourselves with our choices.

it’s about our own willingness to be courageous enough to break through our limiting beliefs that have stunted our impact and joy to this point.

Are you in?


Pure Potential

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