I believe there are some of us - the visionaries, the change agents, the leaders - who feel a deep, abiding call to paving a path of significance through our work; synergizing our impact, the people around us, and our profit.  

This is our Pure Potential.

I began my career as an OD consultant with Accenture, helping Fortune 500 companies align their people with their vision and strategy. It was here that my lifelong curiosity about optimal living and performance was birthed. Through my career, I have owned and led organizations across multiple sectors, amassed extensive governance experience in the for-profit and nonprofit worlds, and found the equation to do the work I love without sacrificing my own well-being. Mastery core to sustainable, fulfilling work.

Today, I am creator and leader of Pure Potential; a company founded with the belief that our great work is about optimizing impact, people, and profit.

Having studied high achievers throughout my 25 plus year career, I am uniquely gifted at helping people and companies achieve massive breakthroughs.

I’m passionate about helping leaders and businesses align their strategy and resources with the impact they envision while creating a path to monetize that impact for a sustainable future. My work is an invitation to commit to creating positive change and elevation of the whole system.

Pure Potential exists to support leaders and companies on that path.

Success Happens When the Truth of Who You Are Guides What You Do

laura_juarez_about_laptopTrue to my Gemini spirit, I am a total business nerd, nature-loving adventuress, and oneness Believer with a capital B. I am equally happy with my feet on the earth as I am upleveling business strategy. I ADORE helping people breakthrough their limiting stories and tap their magic.

I feel over the moon privileged to live my life.

The guiding question for me is always, how can my presence on this planet create meaning and awakening for myself and others?

It is the question I pose to you.

I believe your work in the world matters; and so do you.

You have this lifetime. How will you use it?