Mindfulness Beyond Meditation

May 18, 2020Embody Your Potential

In this week’s VLOG, we’re talking about the benefits of mindfulness at work, and how you can cultivate it without meditation. Meditation is one tool or technology of mindfulness, but there are others. And companies all over the globe, large and small, are not just recognizing the value creation potential of mindfulness, they’re capitalizing on it. The beautiful thing about … Read More

Do You See Brilliance?

October 22, 2019Embody Your Potential, Walk Your Vision

It’s so easy when we witness other people – to see their magic & their gifts, to be so clear on the blessing that they bring to our life just by being in their presence. We struggle a little bit more when we’re witnessing ourselves, right? It’s sometimes hard to see our own gifts; trusting the precious gem that we … Read More

She’s Brilliant All The Time

October 21, 2019Embody Your Potential

I always try to remind myself something that Maya Angelou said, ‘When you know better, you do better”. This process of growth we each take is about evolution. It’s about evolving into our highest potential and purest self. If every day we can get closer and more aligned with the truth of who we are, the potential of what we … Read More

What I Learned This Weekend

October 8, 2019Embody Your Potential, Walk Your Vision

This weekend, dear friends and I immersed ourselves in the richness of Portland Oregon. These friends and I know one another because we are all part of an organization with the mission of supporting Female Executives globally. These women: Diverse, wildly successful by conventional measurements, and brilliant. They, like me, have led businesses, bought and sold companies, rolled up, downsized, … Read More

I Hope No One Noticed….

October 1, 2019Prioritize Your Wellbeing

… that I didn’t contribute as much as she did … that my comment was not as impactful as his … that I’m not as (fill in your story line). Comparison is a fast path to misery. It will leave you constantly judging your success relative to your perception of other people’s success. Not their actual success – your perception … Read More


September 20, 2019Embody Your Potential

Amaze: In awe / overwhelmed with wonder. A Maze: A winding, unknown, unpredictable journey from start to stop. We can choose amazement in the midst of the ordinary if we choose to be overwhelmed with wonder by the potential of each and every moment. It is a state of openness and curiosity mixed with acceptance and reverence. It sounds lovely, … Read More

Permission To Super Suck At A Whole Bunch of Stuff

September 14, 2019Prioritize Your Wellbeing

What would happen if you dropped the little balls in your life and only gave your energy & time to the big movers? Take a deep, long breath and visualize the outcome. Could you build better…. Momentum in your business? Intimacy in your relationships? Wellness in your life? Connection with your spirituality? Time to launch your next big idea? Fuel … Read More

Immersion As Momentum

September 7, 2019Optimize Your Time

I am working on the most exciting project with an brilliant and inspiring colleague who is also the dearest of friends. We both have multiple other business endeavors, busy family lives, and an unwavering commitment to honoring our wellness regardless of our calendar. And thus, our time together is usually in stolen hours here and there; never for long but … Read More

Seth, Superman, & Your Cape

August 29, 2019Embody Your Potential

I subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog, and truthfully, it is one of the few that I read faithfully. Often, I finish reading and am singing, Right On! Or – That is SO IT! Not all – but many are Eureka moments. Not because he’s sharing information that is new or falls in the genius category (although some of it does). … Read More