A Star Is Born (Believe it?)

August 9, 2019Embody Your Potential

Do you believe you have something totally magical and unique to offer in this lifetime? A contribution you were BORN to have? I do. I have never met two people that are exactly the same. I can have the same conversation with 4 or 4,000,000 people, and each dialog will take on its own flavor. Always unique. Here’s what I … Read More

Expanding Boundaries

July 31, 2019Embody Your Potential

Tara Brach writes in her book, Radical Acceptance, “The boundary of our acceptance is the boundary of our freedom.” I am trying to remember this moment by moment in my own life. To the extent that we reject or resist, we shrink wrap our joy & tightly tether our peace. It is in the acceptance of what is that we … Read More

Are You Lying Your Way To Achievement?

July 26, 2019Embody Your Potential

They say there are no coincidences, and thus my ears perk up when I encounter the convergence of two ideas. Recently, I stumbled across a study showing that people who demonstrate higher degrees of self-deception are more successful in the world. Participants were asked a series of embarrassing questions written to reveal the dark side within them. Those who lied … Read More

The Ritual of Truth Telling

July 18, 2019Embody Your Potential

Think about your last 4 conversations; the ones that lasted more than 15 minutes and involved something other than functional decision making on who’s picking up the kids or taking the dog to the vet. What did you talk about? Were you a truth teller or a facade painter? What is a facade painter? I’m fine… How are you? Can … Read More

There’s One Habit I Want You To Break

July 11, 2019Embody Your Potential

This week, we’re talking about Life Work Balance. I videotaped my thoughts on this ridiculous concept and suggested a better goal – flow- along with oodles of hacks to help you manifest flow in your life. (Video Lives Here: https://youtu.be/HOvkq0uAb14) But there’s one showstopper that you must unapologetically FLUSH: Being the easy button. You’ve seen these gadgets, yes? The red … Read More

When Is The Last Time You Went Off The Rails?

June 25, 2019Embody Your Potential

We’ve all been there. I’m a GENIUS at getting to breakdown before I SHIFT. (Not surprising since I’ve been practicing my entire life and externally well rewarded for my proficiency level). Know what “off the rails” means? We’ve been ignoring all the subtle signals that we’re out of alignment and failing to take care of ourselves. Sign after sign after … Read More

The Wheel of Life vs The One That’s Wearing Us Out

June 21, 2019Embody Your Potential

How do you feel when your life is running you versus you running your life? Personally, I feel glassy eyed, irritated, without choice, overwhelmed, and hungry. Yep… stand in the pantry stress eating hungry. And I know I’m not actually HUNGRY but Spirit and Joy Starved, but I’m still eating nachos with the irrational hope that “salty/crunchy” will nourish my … Read More

Remember When You Were a Jerk?

June 13, 2019Embody Your Potential

I do. 8th grade… I called a teacher a name to his face – on a dare from my friends. Ugghh. Not just any teacher but one of my favorites. And I wasn’t the type of student to get in trouble or name call. But I did it. Why? Who we spend time with matters. We rise and fall based … Read More

The One Thing Two Ways

June 7, 2019Embody Your Potential

Confession: I will make everything more complicated than it needs to be. Not because I’m confused or take a non-linear path but because I can see SOOO many possibilities, want to do it PERFECTLY, and want to fulfill my commitments in a way that delights others (yes… just a touch of people pleasing coursing through my veins). In fact, I … Read More