Between the 24-7 news circuit and a tantrum-prone President who verbally drills 100 1-foot wells daily, it’s never been more important to distill to fact. It’s entertaining to dialog about the partisan political climate that has rendered Washington ineffective on its best day, cringe about the latest lashing tweet from the most powerful leader in the world, and howl at the moon for every social inequity that we as a country are still, in 2018, unwilling to fix versus judge, ignore, or tolerate.

However, can we use the facts not as fodder for endless conversation with people who sing in our choir but as a reinforcement of strength for action and light for clarity?

Our future is un-chartered. Everyone has an opinion about what the path should look like and a magic 8 ball forecast on what it will look like, but the truth is, the path is being paved every day by the present moment outcome. This moment puts a stake in the ground, wacks back at the brush, and stomps down what blocks the path.

If you peel back the noise and see the facts lined up neatly, what would you know for sure?

This is not a battle cry (well… maybe a little); it is a wake up call to use our influence with courage and love, to take a stand for the sacred value of all; not just some, and to lead positive change. This is a wake up call to educate ourselves on the facts, share that wisdom with our children, and teach them through our actions how to participate in real change.

There is something you can do. There is something I can do. In a complex and maze-like political and cultural system, it is hard to discern what that is. But it is worth the time and energy to figure it out. Will we receive the call?