We are DECIDING all wrong

March 12, 2020Optimize Your Time

Did you know the word DECIDE comes from the Latin word decidere, meaning “to cut off”? This is compelling, yes? A bit of an AHA actually. Most of us make decisions to say YES to something without the accompanying NO to something else. The cutting off.  And what happens to our YES? Not much. I believe there is a great … Read More

Plan For Impact – Not Performance

January 25, 2020Optimize Your Time

Time and task management is a function of something much more captivating and inspiring; something life defining. And yet, most “systems” that purport to organize us root themselves squarely in the “get it done” addiction.   We get “caught” in the allure of time and task management because we’re conditioned to believe nirvana materializes when we’ve neatly checked off the last … Read More

Priorities In Practice

January 19, 2020Optimize Your Time

When we think about aligning our time and actions with our highest priorities, most of us get excited but feel lost at exactly how to shift from where we are to where we want to be. It’s easy to allow the latest fire, request, email, or minor task to distract us.Staying true to our priorities is a conscious choice, and … Read More

Dear Time, Please Forgive Me

January 9, 2020Optimize Your Time

Time does not wait for us, is not patient with our diversions from true north and will not coddle our failure to stay AWAKE and ALIGNED in our life.  You have exactly the number of moments you need to share your gifts, learn the lessons, and teach the mastery you have you were created for. Not one second less and … Read More

Immersion As Momentum

September 7, 2019Optimize Your Time

I am working on the most exciting project with an brilliant and inspiring colleague who is also the dearest of friends. We both have multiple other business endeavors, busy family lives, and an unwavering commitment to honoring our wellness regardless of our calendar. And thus, our time together is usually in stolen hours here and there; never for long but … Read More