A Productivity Hack That Will Make You Giggle

March 6, 2020Pivot with Courage

Grab a pen and write answer this question: How do I define fun and how much fun am I having?  We humans highly committed to adulting often see fun as secondary; a luxury that comes after all the boxes are checked.  There are also cultural constructs of what qualifies as fun and what doesn’t. And whenever you smell a construct, … Read More

Why We Say YES

February 28, 2020Pivot with Courage

What can we learn by asking this question about each of our career milestones and choices:   Why did we say YES to this opportunity?  Sound the trumpets if the answer is a deep stirring, a passionate inner voice crying out, a clear alignment with our passion, values, and skill, or a desire to serve with our gifts. And if you’re … Read More

Your Wild Ride Is A Safari

November 27, 2019Pivot with Courage, Walk Your Vision

After cursing the overused word “journey” w/ a friend, I discovered the Swahili word for Journey is SAFARI. This provokes thought, yes? Safari is a powerful descriptor for life. Our experience is an adventurous, OUT LOUD wild ride. It allows no dozing & waking 10 years later wondering what in the world happened. It suggests an uncharted path; a once … Read More