10 Legit Reasons to Meditate

December 20, 2019Prioritize Your Wellbeing

You know the benefits of meditation, right? Less stress & reaction; more calm and peace. Yada Yada. Ok… so a little tongue in cheek, but we know we need more mindfulness in our day, and yet schedules happen, distractions pop up, urgent requests roll in. It took me A LONG TIME to solidify a meditation practice. It wasn’t until I … Read More

I Hope No One Noticed….

October 1, 2019Prioritize Your Wellbeing

… that I didn’t contribute as much as she did … that my comment was not as impactful as his … that I’m not as (fill in your story line). Comparison is a fast path to misery. It will leave you constantly judging your success relative to your perception of other people’s success. Not their actual success – your perception … Read More

Permission To Super Suck At A Whole Bunch of Stuff

September 14, 2019Prioritize Your Wellbeing

What would happen if you dropped the little balls in your life and only gave your energy & time to the big movers? Take a deep, long breath and visualize the outcome. Could you build better…. Momentum in your business? Intimacy in your relationships? Wellness in your life? Connection with your spirituality? Time to launch your next big idea? Fuel … Read More