To Give Joy

January 27, 2020Shift Your Paradigm

Disclaimer:  Huge fan of conscious joy. Question:  What in the world is that? Answer:  Conscious joy is joy by choice in all moments. Question:  How about authenticity?  How about allowing ourselves to feel deeply? to mourn and grieve?  To express our anger and sadness? The word joy roots from the word REJOICE.  Rejoice is defined as “To Give Joy.” When … Read More

Embodied Creativity

January 16, 2020Shift Your Paradigm

I sketch a mean stick woman in warrior 2, view the 64 crayon box as my “artist’s kit,” and sing within a single octave with no vocal flexibility.  I can barely coordinate an outfit that doesn’t involve birkenstocks, and my idea of fashion is an ensemble that can be de-layered so I can conveniently roll out my yoga mat during … Read More

A Practice Of Gratitude Versus A Heart of Gratitude

December 11, 2019Shift Your Paradigm

Many years ago, I heard Oprah say that her gratitude practice had been her most significant source of transformation. At that time, I needed no other motivation as I was hungry for something deeper, something more. And thus, I began a daily gratitude practice.  Each day seated in sacred space, I would reflect heart wide open on the blessings of … Read More