Taking the WOO out of manifestation

February 13, 2020Walk Your Vision

I just had the most interesting conversation about manifestation this week, and it is a deja vu chat as there’s a lot of quirky information floating on the law of attraction / manifestation.  If you’ve read popular books on manifestation, you might be toying with the often repeated belief that “if i just visualize it enough – give it energy, … Read More

Your Wild Ride Is A Safari

November 27, 2019Pivot with Courage, Walk Your Vision

After cursing the overused word “journey” w/ a friend, I discovered the Swahili word for Journey is SAFARI. This provokes thought, yes? Safari is a powerful descriptor for life. Our experience is an adventurous, OUT LOUD wild ride. It allows no dozing & waking 10 years later wondering what in the world happened. It suggests an uncharted path; a once … Read More

Do You See Brilliance?

October 22, 2019Embody Your Potential, Walk Your Vision

It’s so easy when we witness other people – to see their magic & their gifts, to be so clear on the blessing that they bring to our life just by being in their presence. We struggle a little bit more when we’re witnessing ourselves, right? It’s sometimes hard to see our own gifts; trusting the precious gem that we … Read More

What I Learned This Weekend

October 8, 2019Embody Your Potential, Walk Your Vision

This weekend, dear friends and I immersed ourselves in the richness of Portland Oregon. These friends and I know one another because we are all part of an organization with the mission of supporting Female Executives globally. These women: Diverse, wildly successful by conventional measurements, and brilliant. They, like me, have led businesses, bought and sold companies, rolled up, downsized, … Read More