Time does not wait for us, is not patient with our diversions from true north and will not coddle our failure to stay AWAKE and ALIGNED in our life. 

You have exactly the number of moments you need to share your gifts, learn the lessons, and teach the mastery you have you were created for. Not one second less and not one second more. 

Our linear view of time is a human construct and our view is  so deeply ingrained that it functions like a scratch on our lens of life. 

We weren’t born feeling a lack of time. We were conditioned into this belief. We’ve also legitimately experienced time starvation in our life – not because there are too few seconds but because we give away our seconds to urgent / not important; resulting in a true lack of time for what we most desire. 

Our challenge is to buff out that scratch, and forgiving who we’ve been blaming for the scratch is part of that process.  Time is the way we experience our mortality; a marker of the impermanence and unpredictability of our lifespan. 

Time’s Message To Us? Choose Well.

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