Recently, a brilliant colleague asked me a fascinating question during a chat about work: “Are You Winning?”

My immediate thought was: “Winning at what?”

His question was really one to explore if I felt my efforts were generating the desired result, but my crazy brain set off all sorts of connections.

a) You can look like you’re “winning” when in fact, you’re playing the wrong game.

b) “Getting ahead” in its highest form expands possibilities for ALL invested folks versus changing the pie size for each.

c) Winning and losing: while viewed as cause & effect partners in crime, is only one outcome. WIn / Win is way more abundant.

d) We can appear to “lose” on paper and still “win” in heart; our own vitality, courage, learning, and impact boosted.

In my life, I have had many times when I appeared to others like I was winning, but in truthfulness, I knew in my heart I was playing the wrong game. Looks pretty on paper but not so beautiful in the marked up soul contract. (PS… I use the word WRONG not as judgement but as clarifier as there isn’t really a WRONG game as much as there is definitely a HIGHEST GOOD game.)

Instead of measuring our success against solely our outcomes and achievements, what if we began first to measure against alignment with what lights us up? Joyfulness while “doing the thing?” Positive impact made on the world around us?

Keep Winning… YES! That’s you at your best. Just make sure you’re playing YOUR game – not the one you’ve inherited, assumed as responsibility, or undertaken because it checked the right resume boxes.