It’s so easy when we witness other people – to see their magic & their gifts, to be so clear on the blessing that they bring to our life just by being in their presence.

We struggle a little bit more when we’re witnessing ourselves, right? It’s sometimes hard to see our own gifts; trusting the precious gem that we are. We struggle to think we are “ENOUGH” without earning it or doing something to deserve it.

Consider the one thing that you really need to hear. Maybe you long to hear you are wildly intelligent, beautiful, or lovable. What would warm your heart and build your confidence? Help you connect more deeply with the truth of who you are?

What are you waiting for? I know… Me Too. We’re waiting for someone to read our minds and tell us that one most needed affirmation. We’re hoping that our partner’s behavior will serve as antidote to our self doubt. We wait for external validation.

And sometimes it comes. But just like chocolate, we find we’re soon again longing for it. We could try another way; giving ourselves this support.

We could tell ourselves what we most long to hear; encourage ourselves, take a stand for ourselves. It is by these actions that we reinforce the most important relationship we have; with ourselves.

Imagine if we each actively and consciously practiced self love, support, compassion, and mentoring? Imagine if we consciously lifted ourselves, nurtured ourselves, and challenged ourselves constructively?

What’s the one thing you want to say to yourself? Make this promise that today, even if just for today, you’ll keep repeating it over and over until you believe it.

Take a big deep breath in.