I have to be honest… I’ve read the big titles on manifestation, and they make me cringe just a little. I’m willing to acknowledge that there are MANY stories of miracle cures, spontaneous love, and money showing up in envelopes just because you visualized a check for 30 days, but generally, these are merely well-publicized one hit wonders.

yes_you_canI hold a different formula of manifestation.

  • Believe in the vision vividly: in color, with details, numbers, and timelines. See it until you feel it.
  • Speak in present tense. I am birthing xyz versus I will birth xyz. When you see it as happening, it’s real. When you see it on the horizon, it is a mirage.
  • Do your inner work. Your vision, no matter how clear, will evade you if you don’t believe in yourself. Or you will actualize it after running a very rocky, painful marathon that cripples you with stress & self-doubt, and damages you and those who share space with you.
  • Inner work is a moment-by-moment practice that takes time. Start now.
  • Map the Path. You will never map the path perfectly, but you must know your milestones. Think measurements that will confirm you’re on track with dates. Most of us are not striving to create more of what we have, thus, igniting change requires a clear & honest path of what’s possible and when.
  • Dog the Plan: Seriously. Magnificent, life altering, upward SHIFTS rarely just happen. You must bring fresh energy, stick-to-it-ness, and consistency every day. There is rigor along the way, and you must own it and rise to meet it.
  • Effort Well: If you are going to give your heart and soul to something, make a promise to yourself that you will care for yourself in the process. Create intentional moments of rest, breathe well, and nourish your body & mind. Note that this isn’t called SELF CARE; it’s called EFFORT WELL. Meaning: You can do this in the midst of the effort; not separate from.
  • Have Fun & (Re)Enegerize Your Passion Often. Start every day with a commitment of taking the high road, loving your life, infusing your vision with passion, and demanding that your work will elevate you personally. This is a sacred ride. Don’t miss it.

Ok… So what are you manifesting right now