I sketch a mean stick woman in warrior 2, view the 64 crayon box as my “artist’s kit,” and sing within a single octave with no vocal flexibility. I can barely coordinate an outfit that doesn’t involve birkenstocks, and my idea of fashion is an ensemble that can be de-layered so I can conveniently roll out my yoga mat during my day and then go back to work. Needless to say, no one is oohing and aahing about my artistic talent.

While I have admired the artistic types in my life, I am exceedingly more comfortable with words, numbers, and cognitive reasoning.

And here’s what I know: we are all creative. We are creating our lives just as an artist begins with a blank canvas and an author a white page. The pureness of the heart, curiosity, and attention we put into our creation becomes our moment by moment reality. Our responsibility to ourselves is to make manifest our essence and courageously show up in ways that only we uniquely can.

There is something that only you bring to this world. This is your art. You may express that essence through words, concepts, products, service, or music. The HOW matters less than the YES!

Yes… I choose to embody my unique offering by courageously putting myself out there.Yes… I choose to live my art by showing up as I am without trying to be something different for anyone else.Yes… I am worthy.Yes… I am a stand for myself.Yes… I AM.

We embody our creativity when we step fully into our own skin, heart, and gifts, own our potential, and give ourselves the permission to be authentic, raw, and on fire for what inspires us.

I have learned that I don’t always have clarity around the specific actions and endeavors that I am called to embrace but I can always feel in my bones if I am in alignment with my truth. This is the ultimate stamp of creativity: a choice to craft our life in honor of our truth. This is your tapestry.