Your Family Can Be An Asset To Your Business

The Family Business Executive Roundtable is designed with the nuances and needs of the Family Business in mind. For 6 months, we’ll meet monthly to discuss best practices and develop an implementation plan on topics like:

  • Create progress, transparency, and integrity in conversations with family members
  • Manage expectations and “entitlement” for the benefit of all
  • Successfully succession plan and develop key performers; family & otherwise
  • Clearly delineate between role as “family” and role as “employee”
  • Create gates and boundaries that serve both the business and the relationship
  • Navigate non-family member perception and expectation
  • Stay above the emotional fray of family dynamics
  • Handle your EXACT situation as we will deep dive into each company’s reality for the purpose of breakthrough.

I guide the discussion as a part of your trusted team, and your peers help to upgrade your wisdom and bring their unique expertise, learnings, and best practices. We are all a stand for one another’s greatness.

End game? Renewed energy and actionable clarity about how to advance your Family Business.


  • Your business must be at least 2 years old and have at least 2 family members working full-time.
  • You may send one or two people to the forum; understanding both must be at an Executive level or chosen for succession within the next 4 years.
  • Your company must have at least 10 employees or contractors.
  • You must be able to attend 75% of all sessions.


  • Monthly, we will meet at a member’s business or selected location from 9AM – 3PM.  Our host will provide lunch.
  • Throughout the month, each member will work through their implementation plan for the selected topic.
  • Between physical sessions, we will gather via video conference to discuss the month’s implementation plan; addressing questions, best practices, and hurdles.
  • Monthly, each member will receive a 90 minute coaching session with Laura on their key priority.

Monthly Roundtable Agenda (Loose Template)

    • 9AM – 9:45AM: Peer Check-In
    • 9:45 – 11AM: Discussion on Implementation Plans From Previous Month’s Topics. Accountability Plan Established.
    • 11AM – 11:20AM: Break
    • 11:20 – 1:ooPM: Deep Dive Into Month’s Mastery Topic
    • 1:00 – 1:30PM: Lunch
    • 1:30PM – 2PM: Host’s Business Brainstorming Session (Host can bring any topic where they would like assistance with a breakthrough. Group will council and guide.)
    • 2PM – 3PM: Brainstorming on Implementation Plan for Month’s Mastery Topic

6 full-day sessions, 6 hours of video gatherings, and 9 hours of private consulting.

Cost: $3400.00