I have a graphic posted in my office that you’ve all probably seen. In a circle are the words: Your Comfort Zone. And in big artistic flair around the circle are the words: Where The Magic Lives.

Even those of us who claim to be change receptive and risk tolerant still spend a lot of time snuggled cozily in our comfort zone. The circle’s border are our “what if’s,” “someday,” and “I can’t because.” Sometimes we go to great lengths to put lipstick and cute shoes on our excuses that sound a little like:

– After my children are grown…
– Once I build mastery….
– This chapter is about financial security so that my next chapter can be about….
– My highest priority is service to others (inferring that service to self is a luxury)….

My experience is that most comfort zone clinging comes from a fear to fail. The unknown can feel slippery and unpredictable, and yet, the true treachery of life is continuously saying NO to our growth, our dreams, and our spirit.

Consider for a moment what could shift… If we break through the permeable barrier of our comfort zone – to take a risk, make a change, embrace a dream, and live more vulnerably?

There is always more than one way to get an outcome, and life is about much more than the measurement of success or failure. This life is about who we are in the process of creating it and are we on our path? Are we working with and towards transformation, transcendence, and embodiment of our potential?

What can you see just outside your comfort zone?