Writing is the way I sift through externally amassed knowledge and internally birthed wisdom. It is my collator of truth; discerning between what is suggested and what is seeded.

In our busy worlds that fly forward without much pause between the “doings” of our day, our soul-seeded wisdom becomes just another ingredient into our mental stew that also contains our to-do lists, expectations of others, cultural norms, social-media news feeds, dream residue, and fears.

What do we listen to? Who are we following? What is true? Those answers do not live in the voice of another. Their clarity cannot be outsourced to experts we follow. They are suffocated by our virtual feeds.

Writing is a pause. It is a choice to dial down the noise and tune into our soul. It is not the only source of pause. I turn often to nature, meditation, breath, and yoga. However, writing solidifies something. It asks us to give form to dream; physical permanence to our inner wisdom.

What you write may or may not ever be shared, reread, and/or acted upon. This is your choice. But it will awaken you, reveal to you, and connect you with your soul’s voice.

There is no “I can’t write” for any of us. No “I’m not a journaler.” This is you defining writing based on someone else’s definition. Find your own path. It can be a word a day, poetry, journal entries, stream of consciousness, bullets…. the method is not relevant.

Writing is a choice to be in relationship with yourself in a profoundly intimate way.

In 2019, I am creating space to be in that relationship with myself through a daily writing practice. Will you join me?

I’m curious – what are your struggles and/or experiences with writing?

Love & Peace,