Often, we think of energy as scaled from low (depleted, sedate, stuck) to high (activated, plentiful, and mobilizing). Consider, however, that there might be another view to overlay: Energy Type.

Catabolic energy is agitated, mentally limiting, and resistant. In this space, we release cortisol and adrenaline which obviously can help us. If the building is burning, you need an activated parasympathetic nervous system to create immediate action to reduce the risk. Helpful in an emergency, but far less valuable when receiving stinging feedback from a loved one.

Anabolic energy is expanding, inspiring, and healing. Like catabolic, it results in a physiological release; this time feel-good endorphins. Anabolic energy helps you move forward, take healthy risks to achieve results, and lead others with passion and clarity.

Let’s overlap energy volume with energy type. The easiest way to get the big AHA is through example. You’re full of ideas, yes? Let’s assume there’s a project you want to launch.

  • Anabolic High Energy is the sweet zone of launch. You are in the flow with a balanced amount of realism of risk and courage to move forward. You see the opportunity as expanding and are enthusiastic to not just activate it but share it with the world.
  • Anabolic Low Energy is the same mental state of belief in your idea, but you can’t get started. You talk a fabulous game, but there’s no traction. Your idea isn’t scary – you are just under nourishing it.
  • Catabolic High Energy can actually generate results but you’ll know you’re in this space when you feel like you are forcing your way through or are in the “grind.” Typically, you’ll feel stressed, strung out, and fearful of failure.
  • Catabolic Low Energy is pretty clear. Think laying on a couch ruminating over your “not good enoughs” while life is happening around you. In other words, you’ve lost the game before you began playing.

While both anabolic and catabolic energy can serve based on the situation, imagine if we become wild self-experts (awareness) of what zone we are occupying. Imagine if you could catch yourself and course correct!

What becomes possible if you can catch yourself in catabolic high energy where you are taking massive action and making things happen but internally, struggling with fear & limitation (catabolic) so that life feels stressful? (Often, this is when we feel stressed while doing the thing we LOVE).

Can you learn to observe yourself when you are stuck? Big Ideas – No Action.

With reflection, you may find you generalize a pattern across all areas of your life, or more likely, your pattern is dependent on the type of project or situation.

Take a moment and consider what you believe you are most called to give to the world at this phase of life.

Can you, with discernment versus judgement, get clarity around your energy profile?

If you’re willing to bare all, I’d love to have you share it in the comments.

Grateful for you!