If you said this, join the club of well intentioned resolution setters.  Maybe not about the gym but about something relevant in your life. I get it. As one of your fellow earthlings, I also fall prey to the predator mind and her sneaky little tricks to keep you on the same, known, beaten down, been there done that path. (Just my way of making us all realize how ridiculously lame status quo can be).

So, in 2020, I’m taking my own advice. Accept what is with grace and good humor, and move with enthusiasm into possibility. Instead of banishing myself to the dark recesses of my mind or a box of chocolates, I choose instead to look at my silly habits of sub-optimizing, chuckle, and decide.

There are no do-overs but there is NOW. The present moment. And in this moment, nothing else matters. I can do anything, be anything, think anything, create anything. No baggage, no expectations, no prescribed roles. Just me, my heartbeat, my gifts, and my dreams. Same for you.

So what do you know to be true from a quick little whirl around your talentsphere & dreamscape? I am a ferocious planner so I look at this question dimensionally. For me, there isn’t an overarching THIS IS IT answer. For me, there is a vision in many arenas of my life – impact with our planet, impact with my family, impact with my talents. For me, learning, adventure, & working tirelessly to create a better way are non-negotiables. What is it for you? Write it down.

Here’s the dirty secret in all this hubabub about living the life of your dreams… you actually have to stop doing what doesn’t light you up and what isn’t working. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t fulfill all of your roles and expectations you have and others have of you AND step into your greatest contribution to the world. (Actually this is not universally true as there are examples of breakthrough living but not enough to create statistical interest). You cannot keep up your time draining habits and forge a new path.

For me, repetitive work, data & labor intensive analysis, & endless tying out of analysis and communication loops – brain frying, soul sucking, heart wrenching. Know thyself. Get creative about how to limit, or at minimum, batch these requirements of your day. What is it for you?

And then what are the time traps you give yourself to that you’re willing to, as Nancy Reagan advised, Just Say No. (Think TV, facebook, candy smasher or whatever that ridiculous game is that I see people playing on airplanes).

What BUT are you committed to giving up? Let’s all banish at least one & see what happens. Choose Well.


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