I am working on the most exciting project with an brilliant and inspiring colleague who is also the dearest of friends.

We both have multiple other business endeavors, busy family lives, and an unwavering commitment to honoring our wellness regardless of our calendar. And thus, our time together is usually in stolen hours here and there; never for long but enough to advance our vision albeit slowly.

Two months ago, we agreed to take a 24 hour offsite retreat together and see if we could leap versus shuffle forward. And this weekend was our time.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Immersion is about more than time; it is about depth. It allows for organic evolution, more thoughtful inquiry and thus discovery, and an unhurried, less contrived path towards completion.
  • Immersion oxygenates the creative process. It takes time for the analytical mind to relax and the creative mind to activate. There’s a spaciousness required that immersion gifts you.
  • Immersion cultivates intimacy and connection which invites courageous contribution, the willingness to throw out the “weird answer,” and the confidence to share our authentic voice. When we take time to know one another, we take more risks with what we’re willing to say, do, and offer.
  • Immersion surfaces hidden gems as there is time for ideas to comingle and expand one another. It is like watching brilliance weave with brilliance; the result exponentially more unique and inspired.
  • Immersion is an accelerant and thus a powerful momentum builder.
  • It’s absolutely lovely to spend time with those we respect and love in a different setting.

There are projects and goals that lend themselves beautifully to immersion. It takes something; carving out extra time away from family, spending money to get offsite and eat well, and tying up the loose ends so your absence isn’t burdensome to those at home.

But in times when you need to access raw creativity, break out of habitual behavior and thinking, leap versus shuffle, or stimulate inspired collaboration, immersion’s return dwarfs its cost.

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