2019 is off and running; with or without us. I know… we can’t literally be left behind, but we can miss opportunities to improve our life, well-being, and relationships because we missed the moment. A moment is an increment of time; one beginning as one ends. It is the compilation of moments that make up the quality of our life. In essence, your life is your greatest form of art; a creation that happens with and without your intention. Perhaps part of the mastery is to bring intention to more moments.

Most people regress into old ways of being by the middle of January (as January 1st often represents a line in the sand as we get clear & state aloud our intention for the upcoming year that typically looks like a transition, an elevating, or a total transformation.)

It is this plan of our higher self that gets left behind unless we are intentional, diligent, committed, and aligned. How is your plan faring in each moment? This plan can become your reality; the new brushstrokes on your canvas…. or not. Powerful to remember it is our choice.

What will you choose for you?