Mindfulness Beyond Meditation

May 18, 2020Embody Your Potential

In this week’s VLOG, we’re talking about the benefits of mindfulness at work, and how you can cultivate it without meditation. Meditation is one tool or technology of mindfulness, but there are others. And companies all over the globe, large and small, are not just recognizing the value creation potential of mindfulness, they’re capitalizing on it. The beautiful thing about … Read More

CoElevation Versus Networking

May 11, 2020Elevate The Conversation

I have a confession: I would rather pull one hair at a time out of my arm than attend traditional networking events. Why? How long do you have? In this vlog, I give you reframe on networking along with specific actions to capture value and create service while in attendance. A reminder? Most people feel the same about these events, … Read More

A Growth Versus Fixed Mindset

May 4, 2020Embody Your Potential

This week, we’re talking about 8 actionable steps that will instantly move us on the continuum towards conscious leadership, which then in turn, plants the seed for lasting cultural shifts within our business and teams. In this VLOG, we’re talking about how we evolve, and the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. We can evolve in either, … Read More

Are Your Purpose & Strategy Dance Partners?

April 27, 2020Strategy

This week’s conversation is all about purpose driven strategy. What we might see when we look at strategy and purpose as independent of one another is that they aren’t in relationship. And what we most need in order to actualize purpose is for them to not just be in relationship but for them to be consistent, trustworthy dance partners. This … Read More

Diagnose Your Communication Ailment

April 20, 2020Embody Your Potential

Let’s face it: most of us want to be great communicators and may actually believe we’re pretty good at it, and yet, communication is the #1 complaint of employees and teams. Always has been, still is, and without shift, always will be. What’s the miss? As leaders, it’s our responsibility to figure it out. In this VLOG, I’ll give you … Read More

What is your long game?

April 13, 2020Pivot with Courage

Conscious Pivot…. What is that and how is it different than change? And more importantly, how do we create it? A conscious pivot starts with accessing our truth and deciding from that place of knowing. It is a fierce and unwavering commitment to living in alignment with our vision, Highest Good, and gifts. And it is a method of change … Read More

3 Minutes To Reclaim Your Focus

April 6, 2020Optimize Your Time

My brain is like a carnival right now. Lights, pings, distractions, loud noises, movement everywhere. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all being asked to step up in unexpected, unpredictable ways; managing all of our “normal” and all of our “new normal.” And our minds are paying the price. In this VLOG, I’ll share a 3 minute … Read More

Master Your Mindset

March 30, 2020Embody Your Potential

Let’s talk mindset. In this video blog, we’re talking about what mindset is, what it’s not, and how to transform your headspace. Mindset is a precursor to other conscious leadership qualities, and without it, the other gifts we have are sub optimized. And the beautiful thing is that mindset mastery is a skill we can practice. If we choose. Check … Read More

Your Platform Is Privilege

March 25, 2020Elevate The Conversation

Ok… We’re trying something new this week. I’ve heard from many of you that you’d like more video content, so (drumroll please!) HERE IT IS! This week I’m sharing short and sweet wisdom nuggets on 3 important thought starters: Why we all need to recognize that our platforms (businesses, families, teams, churches…) are a privilege and thus, an awesome opportunity … Read More

We are DECIDING all wrong

March 12, 2020Optimize Your Time

Did you know the word DECIDE comes from the Latin word decidere, meaning “to cut off”? This is compelling, yes? A bit of an AHA actually. Most of us make decisions to say YES to something without the accompanying NO to something else. The cutting off.  And what happens to our YES? Not much. I believe there is a great … Read More