Priorities In Practice

January 19, 2020Optimize Your Time

When we think about aligning our time and actions with our highest priorities, most of us get excited but feel lost at exactly how to shift from where we are to where we want to be. It’s easy to allow the latest fire, request, email, or minor task to distract us.Staying true to our priorities is a conscious choice, and … Read More

Embodied Creativity

January 16, 2020Shift Your Paradigm

I sketch a mean stick woman in warrior 2, view the 64 crayon box as my “artist’s kit,” and sing within a single octave with no vocal flexibility.  I can barely coordinate an outfit that doesn’t involve birkenstocks, and my idea of fashion is an ensemble that can be de-layered so I can conveniently roll out my yoga mat during … Read More

Dear Time, Please Forgive Me

January 9, 2020Optimize Your Time

Time does not wait for us, is not patient with our diversions from true north and will not coddle our failure to stay AWAKE and ALIGNED in our life.  You have exactly the number of moments you need to share your gifts, learn the lessons, and teach the mastery you have you were created for. Not one second less and … Read More

I intended to go to the gym, but…

January 5, 2020Embody Your Potential

If you said this, join the club of well intentioned resolution setters.  Maybe not about the gym but about something relevant in your life. I get it. As one of your fellow earthlings, I also fall prey to the predator mind and her sneaky little tricks to keep you on the same, known, beaten down, been there done that path. … Read More

One Sure Fire Way To Create SHIFT in 2020

December 28, 2019Embody Your Potential

Want to feel unstoppable in 2020? Me Too!  A new year is like a blank journal – all potential and possibility. No right or wrong – just your creative juice and vision. So before I share my one SURE FIRE WAY to create shift, let’s talk about a few behaviors to STOP doing. I love the idea of cease and … Read More

10 Legit Reasons to Meditate

December 20, 2019Prioritize Your Wellbeing

You know the benefits of meditation, right? Less stress & reaction; more calm and peace. Yada Yada. Ok… so a little tongue in cheek, but we know we need more mindfulness in our day, and yet schedules happen, distractions pop up, urgent requests roll in. It took me A LONG TIME to solidify a meditation practice. It wasn’t until I … Read More

A Practice Of Gratitude Versus A Heart of Gratitude

December 11, 2019Shift Your Paradigm

Many years ago, I heard Oprah say that her gratitude practice had been her most significant source of transformation. At that time, I needed no other motivation as I was hungry for something deeper, something more. And thus, I began a daily gratitude practice.  Each day seated in sacred space, I would reflect heart wide open on the blessings of … Read More

Stop Berating Your Weaknesses

December 4, 2019Embody Your Potential

Strange advice? Not really. We know that focusing on weaknesses is a fast path to mediocrity and stress, and yet 95% of all performance management systems still do exactly that. Even when we do our own self audit, our reptilian brain loves to fixate on our  weakness or perceived failure. What’s the cost of this? Many of our weaknesses will … Read More

Your Wild Ride Is A Safari

November 27, 2019Pivot with Courage, Walk Your Vision

After cursing the overused word “journey” w/ a friend, I discovered the Swahili word for Journey is SAFARI. This provokes thought, yes? Safari is a powerful descriptor for life. Our experience is an adventurous, OUT LOUD wild ride. It allows no dozing & waking 10 years later wondering what in the world happened. It suggests an uncharted path; a once … Read More