Lick Your Finger and Hold It To The Wind

January 7, 2019Embody Your Potential

You’ve seen people do this, yes? They get this curious look in their eye, lick their finger, and solemnly hold it to the wind waiting for feedback. The feedback they are waiting for comes from the wind itself; a message of strength, direction, & volatility. And with the information they know something about the present moment. They know the golf … Read More

Expanding Boundaries

January 6, 2019Embody Your Potential

Tara Brach writes in her book, Radical Acceptance, “The boundary of our acceptance is the boundary of our freedom.” I am trying to remember this moment by moment in my own life as I play with my potential of accepting more while I argue with my habit of resisting what violates my sense of right or wrong and desirous or … Read More

The Long View

January 1, 2019Embody Your Potential

The long view is our vision for our life. It answers the questions: – What do I most want to experience and do while on this journey? – What impact do I feel most inspired and called to make? – If I could look back on my life in my final breaths, what do I want to be able to … Read More

Our Purpose Path

December 14, 2018Embody Your Potential

**Article originally published by WNC Women February 2018** I hesitate to say I’ve learned anything completely as mastery is elusive. Time shifts understanding and advances possibility. And thus, what I can say is I am on the path to learn a better way. A better way to make an impact, live fully, care for myself, and love unabashedly. In my … Read More