You’ve seen people do this, yes? They get this curious look in their eye, lick their finger, and solemnly hold it to the wind waiting for feedback. The feedback they are waiting for comes from the wind itself; a message of strength, direction, & volatility. And with the information they know something about the present moment. They know the golf club to choose, the sailboat line to pull, the direction to start their run so that the second half is with the wind at their back.

They could google to get more precise information or ask someone to share their opinion, but no. They learned that when it comes to reading wind that the wind itself is the teacher.

I find this to be true in life. The path before us is unpaved with external conditions that cannot be predicted. We can talk about what step to take, ask someone to choose for us, do what is expected of us, research the unknown to build a fact pattern or simply do nothing; in fear of failing the moment. Or we can presence ourselves to the moment; noticing its subtleties, feel into its potential, and experience firsthand its nuances. In other words, we can lick our finger and hold it to the wind of life to know our own truth, calculate our own route, and work in communion with the strength, direction, and volatility of the wind (life) in that moment.

Wind shifts. Life shifts. And wanting that to be untrue changes nothing other than introducing stress into our day. So the next time you are uncertain: Pause. Notice. Breathe. Feel the Wind. And then choose what will best serve in that moment.

The best way I know to do this is to take 3 breaths to be simply ground myself in the present moment before launching.

Breathing in: I am open to possibility. Breathing out: I witness what is.Breathing in: I create space to wonder. Breathing out: I let go of reaction.Breathing in: I trust myself. Breathing out: I remember my truth.