Want to feel unstoppable in 2020? Me Too!  A new year is like a blank journal – all potential and possibility. No right or wrong – just your creative juice and vision.

So before I share my one SURE FIRE WAY to create shift, let’s talk about a few behaviors to STOP doing. I love the idea of cease and desist because it clears space, frees energy, and dissolves stress. Permission given to STOP:

  • Saying YES to goals, projects, & events that are not a HECK YES!
  • Committing to “I Should Be Doing This”
  • Holding on too long because “Someone has to do it.”
  • Playing small because of fear or story around past failures.

As we learned from Elsa in Frozen, Let it go. Pro Tip: Do an inventory of everything that falls into one of those four buckets. Write at the top: PERMISSION TO STOP.

Now for my sure fire way to create shift: In a journal or on an index card, write down the “What’s Next” hopes, dreams, and goals you have. Write it as if you have already achieved it, how you want to feel, and why it matters to you. Read it outloud every. damn. day.

  • Because it matters.
  • Because regression happens.
  • Because you’re worth it.
  • Because growth is the spice of life.
  • Because you can & you want it. And that’s enough.



Happy New Decade! Flash forward 10 years… how old will you be? What might you experience? What do you want more of? How can you support yourself in living your most magnificent life?

These are excellent questions to play with.

If more mindfulness can assist you on your path, I would be delighted to share my wisdom and training on the topic.

Today, we start our 22 day meditation challenge. You get 22 guided meditations; one delivered every day, 3 home yoga practices, a FB group for support, and a LIVE meditation training with Laura.

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