Pick any topic and engage 5 people about it. My hunch is you will have 5 entirely unique conversations about the same thought starter. Each of us is entirely unique and thus, our impact is entirely ours. The question is: Will We Own It?Owning it is bigger than a casual “of course.” It is an acknowledgement that we matter in the world, our work matters, and it is a commitment to owning our truth; gifts, preferences, fears, privilege, history, and possibility. It is a commitment to breaking through negative patterns and habits. 

Conscious leadership is a practice of figuring out who we are at our best; our authentic Self, and empowering ourselves to show up in alignment. It is creating a container for others to do the same. It is walking the talk. It is being vulnerable. It is being receptive and holding a growth mindset. 

Conscious leadership is a commitment to the AND. Profit and impact. Operational excellence and engaged, inspired teams. Working hard and tending our wellness. 

Nobody can do this work for you. We are the only ones that can make this choice to step into this life that we feel inspired to live. And  if aren’t willing to take a stand for what we deeply believe in, we cannot expect others to follow us. 

 In our Pure Potential Community, this is our conversation. This is the way we support one another. It is creating dialog, support, energy, and focus around our own consciousness as leaders of our life, our work, and our impact. 

If you want to think more about how to optimize your own potential; starting with owning it, dial back to the first podcast episode ever published on the Conscious Leadership podcast, #1: Living Your Pure Potential. (Listen Here)


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