Want your life to feel aligned with your passion? ME TOO! And if we want that, why is it so darn difficult to stay on our path?

Think about your breath. If you breathe in to maximum capacity, you cannot take in any more breath until you exhale. It is in the exhale – or the release and letting go – that we create spaciousness.

That spaciousness is your pure potential – it is the opportunity for this moment to become more of what you want versus an extension of what was. It is the fertile ground to plant the seed of possibility for tomorrow. Spaciousness is a moment of clear choice.

Your life is the same. My guess is that your life is overflowing with activity; commitments, responsibilities, work, functional life tasks, etc. The key to manifestation is to breathe spaciousness into your life. Until you do that, the conditions of transformation are undernourished.

Let’s inventory: Consider EVERY part of your current time allocation. You have 24 hours 7 days a week; can you find the time slot holders that fall into one of these 4 buckets:

Something I once said yes to that I would like to exit but haven’t (Lingering too long)

Something I perceive as my responsibility but steals my time or drains me

Something I said YES to because I was uncomfortable saying no, didn’t want to disappoint, or really wanted to please someone.

Something I’m doing because “I can do it better / faster” than someone else even though its not in my genius zone.

This exercise always makes my right eyebrow lift in a big “WOW – I have more to do on this aligning journey.” Gracefully exiting the commitments on this list can be tough, as we’ll most certainly come up against our own stories of wanting to be all things to all people and not disappoint.

But here’s the thing: The choice you make is more than what you do. You will either choose to potentially disappoint someone else or definitely disappoint yourself. Which will you choose?