What would happen if you dropped the little balls in your life and only gave your energy & time to the big movers? Take a deep, long breath and visualize the outcome. Could you build better….

  • Momentum in your business?
  • Intimacy in your relationships?
  • Wellness in your life?
  • Connection with your spirituality?
  • Time to launch your next big idea?
  • Fuel to your passion?

What does wild success look like for you in your life today; this chapter? Will you take a moment and write down your answer? Bullet by bullet – your life is worth this time.

On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being I’m on the magic carpet of AMAZINGNESS, where are you in each area of priority in your life? And now for instant joy bomb: Visualize how you would feel if each of these areas was AT LEAST a 9. Do You Believe It’s Possible?

Every day, your attention is pulled in a million meaningless directions (picture facebook, TV, negative conversations, video games) and in a million low impact directions. The latter is trickier to define as low impact often shows up looking quite snazzy in its urgency tuxedo. It appears to need to be done, but it doesn’t bring value to your quality of life.

Here are examples: checking email, grocery shopping, cleaning your home, filling out school forms, attending meetings, and the list goes on.

Can you stop doing them? Our instant answer is NO but what if we could? Will you suspend disbelief long enough to mull alternatives, options, and shifts?

There is always more than one way.

You just have to figure it out & be relentless about maintaining it.

Your life is worth it. And so is your joy. Choose Well!



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