#30 Giving Men Permission To Be Vulnerable At Work

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This week, I’m talking with executive coach & founder of Perspective Leadership & the Evolve Intensive for men, Orla Castanien.

Orla works with executive and senior managers on personal breakthrough for the purpose of professional clarity and high performance. 

In this episode, you’ll hear her talk about why vulnerability isn’t a soft skill, what it means to give men permission to show up fully without walls, and how to cultivate a more authentic, vulnerability-respectful team culture in your workplace. 

She also shares about her Evolve Intensive Program for men; something I believe everyone needs to know about. 

You can find Orla’s work at http://perspectivesleadership.com/ and information on the Evolve Intensive by clicking here.

Orla and I have been friends for almost a decade, and I have the utmost respect for her wisdom, style, and deep expertise about what makes teams tick. 

Live Big & Be Well,

Laura Juarez


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