#31: The Rituals of The Wicked Smart

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We’re starting this week with my favorite quote from Albert Einstein and going deep into the ritual of amplifying our vision.

Not too many spoilers this week, but here are a few teasers:

  • Rituals are different than habits. Both brilliant but as similar as a hammer and corkscrew.
  • Your brain is a fragment of your intelligence, and tapping the rest of of it takes conditioning, courage, and curiosity.
  • The most potent time to ignite intentions.
  • You can elevate the conversation and direction of your organizations and communities, and yes, you must. Tips on how.

I believe that our work is one vehicle through which we walk our sacred path. It cannot be separate from our vision of our life and who we are as spiritual being having a human experience. 

And, we can embody that while also creating Kick A** results.

By the way, I reference previous episode #15: A Different Kind of R&R that will give you an edge if you want to listen to it. It is loaded with gems on Ritual & Routines.

Grateful to be with you!



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