#41: Your Role In Gender Equity & Inclusivity

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In this conversation, Laura and her colleague, Ursula Jorch share candidly their experience with gender equity throughout their career, and what they believe we can each do every day to contribute to closing the gap.

The statistics around gender equity are startling. Recent data indicates the wage gap is widening even as more seats are filled by women. And the majority voice across almost all spheres and board rooms is white and male.

Diverse perspective shifts performance and thus results upward. Research shows that this isn’t a small shift – it is an economic game changer.

And women with influence, financial wealth, and power ripple that into their communities and cascade it down through their organizations. Win / Win.

Enjoy this dialog as we grapple with the difficulty of finding our voice and the essentialness of doing it anyway.


Ursula Jorch is the founder of Work Alchemy, devoted to cultivating and developing a strategic and operational impact focus in purpose-driven businesses.

She hosts the popular podcast Work Alchemy: The Impact Interviews, conversations about the joys and challenges of having impact with people like Seth Godin and Marianne Williamson. Find her work at https://www.workalchemy.com/