#49: Pivot Towards Purpose With Marie Eckstein

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In today’s episode I’m talking with Marie Eckstein who shares candidly her sense of loss and struggle to rediscover who she was beyond her job. 

Marie had a long corporate career that took her to the executive table of a global chemical company until internal and external conditions shifted unexpectedly and wildly; resulting in a closure of that career. 

You’ll hear her talk about her journey to manifest that truth, her work to redefine herself as professional, and her leap to begin Red Dirt Road; a company that supports female entrepreneurs and makers in Cambodia. 

Red Dirt Road is a social enterprise intent on elevating women who then elevate communities. It is a story of the flywheel of abundance and opportunity. 


Their tag line; Change Lives, Shop Red Dirt Road, perfectly captures the impact you can have if you choose to support them. There is a wonderful short film on the home page that will inspire you.

Be a voice for those who don’t have one- Marie Eckstein

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This is the 3rd interview celebrating Women’s History Month (March) in which we’re featuring women who are committed to elevating women in their sphere of influence.

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Joining me is Marisol Colette, Founder of SolReflection. She’s Brilliant. I highly recommend checking out her work at www.solreflection.com.