#50: Conscious Leadership In the Midst of Chaos

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In today’s episode, I’m sharing what it means to be a Conscious Leader in the midst of chaos.  The chaos we’re in the midst of now is the Corona Virus, but this is not our first rodeo.

Chaos is a part of life, and we have a choice to make when it presents itself: Who Will We Be In It?

So, I’m going to share 5 steps you can take to using your business, relationships, and communities as a positive platform of leadership.

PLUS we’ll close with 4 tips on how to get back your own sanity.

A few references in the podcast:

  • The Digital Course, IGNITE YOUR IMPACT, that is the perfect personal strategy session you can use while #socialdistancing. You will get clarity  on what you want to create once we arrive on the other side as well as refine mindfulness and health habits that will help you thrive throughout this time. Get Your Program Here.
  • Blog Post On A New Paradigm of Making Decisions. It will change your decision process. Read It Here

We can have a meaningful impact that significantly shifts the way people are feeling and thus responding to what’s happening around us.