#51: Mindset Matters: Especially Now

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In today’s podcast, we’re talking about Conscious Mindset.

Last week, we explored what Conscious Leadership looks like in the midst of chaos, and the baseline requirement of Conscious Leadership is mindset.

No amount of brilliance, strategic acumen, or charisma trumps mindset. In fact, without an elevated mindset, we can never be more than an optimized mediocre.

So, what is mindset and how can we build a positive mindset muscle?

We’re going to deep dive that in this episode.

If you didn’t listen to last week’s podcast, Conscious Leadership In the Midst of Chaos, I encourage you to start with that episode first. Listen Here.

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I don’t know about you, but I suddenly have unexpected time on my hands. This is the ideal time to create a meditation practice. Read this blog for 10 inspiring reasons to begin today.