#52: Mastering The “New Normal” Working Environment

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This week, we’re looking at best practices for working virtually. Your surroundings have an immense impact on your outcomes and your mood when you arrive at the end of your day.

And right now, many of us are working in entirely different environments in entirely new ways.

We’re going to to explore 5 key aspects of how we work that need to pivot when we work virtually to maximize success.

We’ll look at communication, space, calendar segmentation, managing distractions, and meetings that matter.

Taking time to set up our work environment for optimal outcomes matters. It’s easy to endure, but resist that temptation.

You can make these shifts with no more than a couple hours of effort. Well worth the time.

If you didn’t listen to last week’s podcast, Mindset Matters, I encourage you to start with that episode first. Recalibrating our mindset is a non-negotiable to peak performance. Listen Here.

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In this episode, I share the work of my colleague, Marisol Colette of SolReflection. She’s doing important work around the relationship between self confidence and personal style. You can learn more about her work here.