#54: The Elements Of Radical Communication

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This week, we’re talking about conscious communication. And why, you may be asking, is this episode called “become the communication radical?”

Because communication in the workplace is the single biggest complaint across all levels of employees and types of teams. It always has been, it still is, and if we keep doing what we do, it will always be.

And yet, most of us have done TONS of communication training. So why is this still an issue?

Welcome to Conscious Communication.

Conscious communication asks us to turn our attention from the topic at hand to unlocking brilliance of everyone involved because when we access the collective brilliance, the result around the topic travels skyward to a place previously beyond our expectation.

But until we get into the recesses of intelligence in everyone, we cannot fully optimize the result.

In this episode, I’m going to give you the tools to create radical shift in the quality of communication in your circles.

This episode also has an accompanying VLOG about how to diagnose the highest impact area for improvement. You can find it here. 


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