#56: 8 Specific Actions of Conscious Leaders

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In this week’s conversation, we’re exploring the specific actions of conscious leadership. Yes… there are qualities core to our being that support us as leaders such as emotional intelligence, moral fortitude, and intellectual and systems capability, but there are also many quick and easy actions we can take that make a big difference.

This week, we’re looking at steps you can start today.

When we embody conscious leadership, we invite others to follow suit. Our willingness to model the behaviors sets the table  for sustainable shifts in culture.

And it starts with one person willing to show up a little differently.

In this episode, I mention a past conversation we had called the Elements of Radical Communication. You can access that here. 

I also mention a tool you can use for proactive, inquiry based decision making that focuses you on the possibility versus the problem. Download that tool here.

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