#57: How to Formalize Authentic Collaboration

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In this week’s conversation, we hear from Sarah Benken, serial entrepreneur and founder of KNOW; a collective of women executives, business owners, and change agents.

There is so much wisdom and honesty in Sarah’s story as she reminds us to use our businesses as a vehicle for our own humanity. You’ll hear her share about the tenacity, empathy, & intentionality of creating meaningful, synergistic relationships in business.

We dissect the concept of networking; finding a more purposeful, less self serving way to see these opportunities as well as discuss best practices to create your own professional advisory council.

There is much to be learned from women about authentic connection that elevates, and Sarah’s business model exudes this.

To learn more about the KNOW Tribe and book, visit https://theknowtribe.com/. Sarah mentioned this summer’s SUMMIT event that is sure to be extraordinary. You can learn more here: https://www.knowtribesummit.com/. And at Sarah’s invitation, if you are interested in spearheading KNOW’s presence in your local market, you can reach out here: https://theknowtribe.com/start-a-tribe/.