I wrote this prayer last year, and I often come back to it in moments when the sea of tasks overwhelms and my mind ruminates on the specific versus the sacred. We see prayer as personal, and while I understand that perspective, I wonder of its truth. It is as if to say that our prayer, even when uttered silently, is not transcending borders and reaching the furthest nooks of our world. Prayer is like the butterfly effect; the “flapping of our wings here” creates a “weather” shift in lands we can only imagine.

Regardless, I hope my small flapping creates a shift in your weather today.

My Prayer Of Hope:

May I embrace the wisdom that we are more similar than different; the memory that together we rise, and the presence of heart to transcend the worldly to align with the holy.

As I choose my words and acts, may I remember my truth; compassion, love, fierce strength, and resilience. May I show courage in everyday moments honoring my sacred contract to shine my light and live purpose-filled. Aligned with goodness.

I give thanks for the Eternal Divine I cannot grasp but holds all of us with love & steadiness. I give thanks for the beauty and flaws of humanity; knowing both illuminate the path forward.

May the preciousness of this moment remind me to choose well in the next moment. And may my light reflect onto the hearts and spirits of others.

May All Beings Be Happy.

May All Beings Be Free.

May All Beings Live with Ease.