When we think about aligning our time and actions with our highest priorities, most of us get excited but feel lost at exactly how to shift from where we are to where we want to be. It’s easy to allow the latest fire, request, email, or minor task to distract us.Staying true to our priorities is a conscious choice, and yet, it’s easy to claim that we simply didn’t have enough time to align our time and energy with our highest priorities. Demands of job, parenting, routine…. We all have our story.

Achieving our priorities daily requires clarity, discipline, and commitment. It is as easy as taking one “right” step today, knowing that we create our lives moment by moment in the choices we make. It’s a practice.

Here is a simple inventory to help you practice priority alignment.

  • Right now, my highest “LIGHT ME UP” priorities are? (Limit to 3; one of which is 100% for your Soul’s Code)
  • Today, I will do / be / experience / create ________________ to elevate and energize my priorities.
  • Today, I commit to stop: (What are you investing in that is misalignment with your priorities?)
  • Today, the most important contribution I can make is:

It’s simple and quick; thus a reasonable insert to your morning. And if you’re groaning with awareness that the morning is already chaotic, trust that this process not only reclaims massive time by eliminating the noise that shows up in the form of urgent / not important, tedious, habit, low return, and distraction.

Self Confession: I love setting priorities but honoring them is my achilles. I think I can do IT ALL. Priorities, habits, distractions, “should’s,” … You get the messy picture.

Honoring our priorities means saying NO to a lot of what shows up in our day. If we haven’t clarified & committed to our priorities daily, our day takes us for a ride.

Here’s what I’ve decided: We’re worth it. Even if it means we have to say no to others, end chapters, or break our habits (gritty work).   Choose Well!

PS – Can I make a suggestion? If your wellness didn’t make your priority list, consider that gap.


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