Grab a pen and write answer this question: How do I define fun and how much fun am I having? 

We humans highly committed to adulting often see fun as secondary; a luxury that comes after all the boxes are checked. 

There are also cultural constructs of what qualifies as fun and what doesn’t. And whenever you smell a construct, you can smell judgement.  

So let’s have some fun with fun. First of all, a reframe. For the fun of it, I want you to consider three statements as truths:

  1. We’re wired for fun biologically (or we wouldn’t enjoy it so much!)
  2. Creating fun is a productivity hack; helping you to mobilize what you most want to create.
  3. Fun can be anything you want it to be as long as it sparks your passion, brings you great pleasure, and gets you out of your head.

In a past podcast, we go deep into the serious exploration of fun which includes creating a promise of fun as a way to elevate our health, happiness, and impact (you can listen to that podcast here: but for now, I just want you to play with the perks of fun in your life beyond the obvious.

When we are in the spirit of fun, we notice what we tend to miss when we’re on the wheel. Our creativity skyrockets, and our connections become more intimate leading people to take greater risks with one another. 

When we are in the spirit of fun, we become a bigger, brighter version of ourselves. Our emotional intelligence activates as our ability to express ourselves beyond intellect expands. Fun is a way to turn on our whole system intelligence. 

 When we’re having fun, we find flow, ease, and timelessness. We feel steady in a fluctuating world; capable, optimistic, empowered. 

Fun doesn’t ask us to “check out,” it asks us to check in. It doesn’t demand that we go dancing or throw a party (although fabulous), it asks us to commit to our own path of fun and joy; whatever that is. 

  •  It asks us to celebrate our life, the moment, and ourselves.
  • It asks us to stop taking ourselves so seriously.
  • It asks us to shift our thoughts of lack about time to a more expansive view. 
  • It asks us to stop sacrificing ourselves in the pursuit of living our life.

We have a natural negative bias that distorts our experience. Fun is the lion tamer.  Joy overfill’eth, Laughter that makes you cry, Heart Alive.

When you elevate your energetic vibration, you elevate your life.

Listen to the supporting podcast episode HERE.


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