bffI do. 8th grade… I called a teacher a name to his face – on a dare from my friends.

Ugghh. Not just any teacher but one of my favorites. And I wasn’t the type of student to get in trouble or name call. But I did it. Why?

Who we spend time with matters. We rise and fall based on the energy of others. Even the most rugged individualist is influenced by the people they surround themselves with. I’d bet that 90% of us still consider ourselves of the same faith of our parents. And we’ve all certainly held opinions because it was the prevailing opinion of our peeps.

Make a quick list: write down the 10 people you spend the most time with. Add your name as the 11th. Now… Do this quick assessment:

  1. Does this person share the positive stories or negative of their day first?
  2. Does this person see problems as possibilities or barriers?
  3. Does this person see lots of ways to move forward or just one (or none at all)?
  4. Does this person talk / act with enthusiasm, joy, and happiness?
  5. Does this person speak honestly and freely from their heart without judgement of others?
  6. Does this person help others see their blind spots or negative biases?
  7. Does this person take a stand for what they believe in?

We are all becoming more of what we surround ourselves with. People included. We owe it to ourselves to be with people who give their best and lift us up as a byproduct of their being. We owe it to others to be that person for them.

Today, you’ll make choices around who you talk with, invest your time, and share your heart. I hope that you’ll choose highest good over convenience and growth over comfort. I hope that we’ll each be a stand for highest good and growth for others.