I always try to remind myself something that Maya Angelou said, ‘When you know better, you do better”.

This process of growth we each take is about evolution. It’s about evolving into our highest potential and purest self. If every day we can get closer and more aligned with the truth of who we are, the potential of what we have to offer, and the impact we are called to make with our authentic voice, then we’ve done our good work.

This is the most important work we will do in our lifetime.

It’s easy to allow our past to get in the way, right?

We make our story mean something about us; it limits our view on our potential and distracts our attention. Instead of challenges making us more expansive and bolder in our authentic expression, our inner gremlin tricks us into believing we are not enough and that we must shrink our experience to avoid pain, failure, or exposure in the future.

Instead of getting small because of our story, can we treat our story as information? A set of events and learnings that inform our choices, deepen our resilience, and motivate us to breakout and breakthrough?

Our life story, what happens to us, is one way in which we can KNOW BETTER. And when we see our story as a source of learning and evolution, we have a choice to use it to DO BETTER as well.

Choose to honor your BIGNESS.

PS… this picture is of my friend, Marisol & I. Marisol is the QUEEN Of Big Living, and she is featured in this week’s podcast episode. Just search LIVING YOUR PURE POTENTIAL on your favorite podcast outlet and listen to episode #28.