Strange advice? Not really. We know that focusing on weaknesses is a fast path to mediocrity and stress, and yet 95% of all performance management systems still do exactly that.
Even when we do our own self audit, our reptilian brain loves to fixate on our  weakness or perceived failure.
What’s the cost of this?
  • Many of our weaknesses will always exist because they are outside of our wheelhouse of genius, and thus, can never be improved past the point of mediocre.
  • Weakness fixation drains our energy; spotlighting derailment and compromising our belief in self.
  • Focusing on a single weakness is like isolating our attention to a single stitch versus the tapestry. It assumes performance is about skill demonstration versus impact creation.
I am a believer that we all want to be fabulous at our work and in our roles. And yet, most of us lack an effective, positive way to advance and accelerate our contribution. If you work for a company, you’re likely required to continue as a victim of outdated performance management systems. Sigh. And if you’re an entrepreneur or soloflyer, you likely have no process at all meaning progress comes inconsistently from repetition versus intentional innovation.
Why are we leaving our mastery and impact to chance or to a person or system external to us?
A formal cadence of self reflection is an efficient and dare I say fun way to optimize. And the end of year is a beautiful time to schedule a self-guided retreat in which you dream, vision, and articulate the impact you most want to have. It allows you to clear the slate and imagine from a place of possibility. The trick is to begin with VISION for the future versus assessment of the past.
Once you have a clearly written impact statement, ask yourself the following:
  • Does this vision align with the truth of who I am? In other words, is the DOING of this vision a manifestation of the BEING of who I am?
  • What qualities do I need to hone, amplify, or express more courageously in order to embody my vision?
  • What skills do I lack that would accelerate my progress? Where could I find them? (think outsourcing, partnering, trading, etc).
  • One year from now, what would wild success look & feel like? What would delight me beyond belief?
From this place of awareness, you can craft a roadmap. I’m a believer this mini-retreat should included elements of meditation to create spaciousness and access whole-self intelligence, movement to reinforce the importance of self care and love, and gratitude to connect with the sacredness of the opportunity.  So treat yourself to a retreat as you prepare for 2020!
Laura was recently profiled in a FAST COMPANY article on end of year assessments. You can read that article here:

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